Saturday, April 18, 2009

Lifebuoy and Health

I was watching the inaugural match of the 2nd edition of the IPL. During one of the commercial breaks a new "Lifebuoy" commercial was aired. I was initiated to evidence based medicine quite early in my life, blame it on my Father. All products avaiable in the market probably would have gone through a stringent series of pre-clinical and clinical studies. It takes a lot to get a pharmaceutical product into the market. I am amazed that Unilever has resorted to advertisements that claim that children who use Lifebouy are healthier than children who use other soaps! Wow.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sense, Sensibility and Simplicity

I wonder, why simple language or sensible symbols are not used for displaying directions, markers, roadsigns. One such roadsign that I cannot erase from my memory is the one that you see above. What?!? "Hump Ahead" with a double hump sign, which, unfortunately for me, looked like a view of a lady baring her breasts.

This is a roadsign in the parking lot of a shoping mall in Gurgaon. Given a chance, I would have used "Speed Breaker" instead of "Hump Ahead". I knew as a child what a Speed Breaker meant, and also knew what "Hump" meant. Maybe, I was a "spoilt" child who was aware of a few bad things.

Give me a break, come on. For me this sign is obscene and complex.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Of all the things that I do so mediocrely, see there I go again, this is the one thing that leans on the bad side of the very thin line between mediocrity and worthless. I think I have seen the "World", and everyone else in this mediocre place are unintelligent and lesser.

I, for one, have always thought that I am the most intelligent and the most handsome and the smartest and... the rambling goes on. It's over a year now that I have been thinking otherwise. If I am the (the rambling can be copied and pasted here when you read), then why on earth am I doing what I am doing at the moment. Why are my communication, knowledge, looks, career, job, car, intelligence, common sense, maths (actualy this is very bad!), abilities, skills, accomplishments, quality, personality, smile, ...oh the rambling goes on again, so mediocre? It just beats me.

Or have I lost it.

I have everything (well.. almost) that a 31 year old man needs/wants. But I am not content. I want to embark on a new journey, a new phase of my life with improved quality. Is it my fault if I am "wanting" this at this stage of my life?

As I introspect, go down the nostalgia lane and brood over my past mistakes, I feel that I have a lot to offer to myself, my family and my life.

Only time will tell.